Graduate research assistantships

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Graduate research assistantships (GRAs) are paid positions. As a GRA, you are sort of a jack of all trades. You may be asked to help with completing human subjects protection documentation for the Institutional Review Board (IRB), data collection, data management and analysis, literature reviews for papers and grants, paper and grant writing, submitting reports to funding agencies, and administrative tasks (e.g., purchasing and arranging travel).

Current GRA postions available

  1. Detection of Elder Abuse Through Emergency Care Technicians (DETECT) study.

    • DETECT is an NIH-funded study. As part of the study, we are testing the effectiveness of an elder mistreatment screening tool that is being used when EMTs and paramedics respond to 911 calls.

    • I’m currently looking for a general GRA for the DETECT study. As you can see below, I’m also looking for people who want to do more specialized individual projects related to the DETECT study.

Brad Cannell
Brad Cannell
Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Cannell is an epidemiologist at one of the largest health science centers in the world, where he uses data-driven approaches to improve the lives of older adults and the health of the communities they live in.