Literature reviews and paper writing

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These are standalone literature reviews that are available for volunteers who want to gain experience working on paper publications and grant submissions. Successfully completing some of these literature reviews may result in authorship on a peer-reviewed publication.

Current literature review opportunities available

  1. LEAD Panel Commentary Paper.

    • Arguably, one of the biggest challenges facing those of us who work to understand and prevent elder mistreatment (EM) is improving the detection and reporting of EM. While efforts to create screening tools intended for research, pre-hospital, and emergency department (ED) settings have been made since at least the 1970’s, there remains a lack of rigorous evaluation establishing the validity and reliability of EM screeners across applicable settings. One of the key challenges associated with evaluating screening instrument(s) is the inevitable need to validate them against a gold standard. But, what is the gold standard measure of EM? Currently, the two most commonly-used gold standards are Adult Protective Services investigations and LEAD panels. This paper will introduce readers to LEAD panels and discuss some of the issues with using LEAD panels in practice.
    • I’m looking for a student who loves researching and writing to help me craft a compelling story about this topic.
Brad Cannell
Brad Cannell
Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Cannell is an epidemiologist at one of the largest health science centers in the world, where he uses data-driven approaches to improve the lives of older adults and the health of the communities they live in.